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Insiders Responsible for 25% of Cyber Attacks

The insider threat remains a challenge for organizations. Overall, 25 percent of cyber attacks originate with insiders as opposed to external actors.

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Financial Services: Insiders Responsible for 16% of Cyber Attacks

For financial services firms, the insider threat remains a challenge, as 16 percent of cyber attacks are carried out by insiders. Still, that number is below the overall average of 25 percent.

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One-Quarter of CISOs Don’t Evaluate Security of Supply Chain Partners

Some 25 percent of CISOs do not evaluate the security of supply-chain or business ecosystem partners with which they share data or network access.

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58% of CISOs Brief the Board on Cyber Risks at Least Quarterly

More than half of CISOs (58%) brief their boards of directors on cyber risks at least quarterly, while 19 percent do not present to the board at all on cyber risks.

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Cyber Attacks Among Top Risks to Global Economy in 2019

The world’s economic thought leaders expect cyberattacks to increase as a global risk in 2019. Some 82 percent expect theft of data and money to increase, while 80 percent expect more disruption of operations and infrastructure. Loss of privacy was also cited as an increasing risk by 63 percent of respondents.

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