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June 27, 2017 | Malware and Advanced Threats
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor

 GoldenEye Ransomware Wreaks Havoc on Global Networks

The ransomware hits keep on coming, and just like the WannaCry outbreak, this looks like a big one. For the second time in as many months, corporations around the world are experiencing a massive cyber-attack that’s once again crippling enterprise networks and demanding a Bitcoin ransom to decrypt files.

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February 17, 2017 | Endpoints
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor

 CrowdStrike, NSS Dust-up Erodes Trust in Product Testing

With RSA Conference 2017 wrapping up this week, there’s plenty to talk about in the realm of security technology and innovation. But one story that may not be going away anytime soon and could have wide-ranging implications in the security product testing space is the ongoing feud between next-gen endpoint security firm CrowdStrike and NSS Labs, a security product research firm.

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January 19, 2017 | Security Policies and Strategy
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor

 IANS at RSA 2017: The CISO as a Change Agent

CISOs are constantly hearing all kinds of advice, counsel and silver bullets that are designed to help make their challenging position work more effectively. But where are these recommendations coming from? What if there was a way to distill the achievements of hundreds of successful CISOs down to a few, critically important techniques?

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January 4, 2017 | Regulations & Legislation
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor,
     Dave Shackleford, IANS Faculty,
     Aaron Turner, IANS Faculty

 Trump and Security: What to Expect in the New Administration

We all know incoming U.S. President Donald Trump is focused on physical security and building the wall, but what about cybersecurity policy? In this report, a handful of IANS Faculty detail what they believe we should expect from the new Donald Trump administration in terms of digital privacy, consumer protections, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, the U.S. Cybersecurity Framework and more.

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December 20, 2016 | Authentication
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor

 Never Waste a Good Crisis: Yahoo Edition

If you’re a CISO, you’re likely fielding warm holiday emails from your board wishing you a great time with your family and asking you what the heck the Yahoo breach means (if not, Yahoo announced last week that one billion user accounts had been accessed.

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November 15, 2016 | Data Breaches
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor

 Lessons Not Learned? Massive FriendFinder Networks Breach Once Again Stems From Poor Security Practices

After the credentials and personal information of nearly 4 million of its users were exposed last year, you’d think FriendFinder Networks would have some incentive to step up its security practices. Unfortunately for the company – and around 400 million current and former users – it seems these improvements were never made.

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