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January 17, 2018 | Recruiting, Hiring and Retention
By Josh More, IANS Faculty

 Perform Effective Background Checks at Scale

Screening potential U.S.-based employees is difficult enough, but scaling background checks across vendors and international employees is even more daunting. In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Josh More details the various types of background checks available and common pitfalls to avoid when leveraging them. He also provides tips for expanding the program to encompass vendor employees and international workers, and a roadmap for automating the process over time.   

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January 17, 2018 | Insider Threats
By Adam Shostack, IANS Faculty

 Prevent Data Loss Prior to Employee Job Termination

Preventing newly terminated employees from stealing corporate data prior to their departure is critical but increasingly difficult, especially as more organizations provide mobile and cloud access to sensitive applications. In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Adam Shostack explains the importance of treating people fairly and having strong strategies for preventing/detecting data exfiltration at all times, not just during layoffs. 

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January 16, 2018 | Key Technologies

 Cybersecurity the Top Priority for Government Agencies Modernizing IT in 2017

The top IT modernization priorities for federal government decision-makers in 2017 is cybersecurity, with 62 percent of respondents mentioning this in their responses. Other priorities for federal decision-makers modernizing their IT infrastructure in 2017 include application modernization (37 percent), cloud computing (36 percent) and data analytics (32 percent).

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January 15, 2018 | Budgeting, Sizing

 40% of CISOs Expect Security Budgets to Stay the Same in 2018

While 40% of survey respondents say their IT security budget will stay the same in 2018, another 23% say it will decrease, despite their list of security concerns, including inadequate IT security staff. Still, 37 percent said they expect their budgets to increase in 2018.

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January 15, 2018 | Budgeting, Sizing

 Security Budgets: Spend on Tech Outpaces People/Staffing

Technology and people/staffing are the biggest pieces of the security budget pie, with 44 percent of organizations spending the most on technology and 33 percent spending the most on people/staffing. Another 15 percent of organizations said they spend the majority of their security budget on outsourcing and third-party services.

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January 15, 2018 | Encryption, Digital Signatures, Certificates, Tokenization
By Aaron Turner, IANS Faculty

 Best Practices in Data Protection

When it comes to data protection, many organizations focus on encryption first, but is that the best strategy? In this Ask-an-Expert live interaction, IANS Faculty Aaron Turner emphasizes the importance of first building a strong foundation of configuration and identity management, before moving on to strong key management and other data security controls.

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January 12, 2018 | Threats & Incidents

 Overview of CISO Concerns in 2018

Competence of in-house staff is the number one concern of CISOs going into 2018 (70 percent), while data breaches (66 percent), ransomware (48 percent) and inadequate budget (34 percent) are also high on the list.

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