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January 18, 2018 | Mobile Access and Device Management
By IANS Faculty, IANS Faculty

 Balance Security and Usability with Mobile Passcodes

When it comes to mobile device passcodes, organizations constantly search for a happy medium between security and usability. In this Ask-an-Expert live interaction, IANS Faculty Justin Wilder details the various options and recommends allowing less complex passwords and Touch ID access, but also adding compensating controls to ensure data stays safe. 

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January 12, 2018 | Vulnerability Assessment and Management
By Dave Kennedy, IANS Faculty

 Meltdown and Spectre: What to Do Now

The recently revealed Meltdown and Spectre chip vulnerabilities are leaving many security organizations scrambling to get a fix in place. In this Ask-an-Expert live interaction, IANS Faculty Dave Kennedy explains how attackers can leverage the flaws and why certain devices are more vulnerable than others. He also recommends taking a risk-based approach to patching them.

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November 28, 2017 | Mobile Access and Device Management
By Aaron Turner, IANS Faculty

 Balance Remote Worker Security and Privacy

Managing remote workers can be difficult, especially when looking to balance security with worker privacy. In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Aaron Turner recommends relying on a combination of configuration and endpoint management along with strict guidelines for employee consent.

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November 21, 2017 | Mobile Client Devices
By Aaron Turner, IANS Faculty

 Best Practices in Drone Security

Drones offer a cost-effective way to perform tasks like remote monitoring and equipment inspections, but how secure are they? In this Ask-an-Expert live interaction, IANS Faculty Aaron Turner provides an overview of the market and offers tips for ensuring drones don't adversely impact your security posture.

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October 15, 2017 | Mobile Access and Device Management
By Kevin Beaver, IANS Faculty

 Beaver: Learning the Right Lessons from ExpensiveWall Android Malware

If you're in charge of information security, you may not be able to control every user and every device in your environment, but you can shore up the gaps that do exist right now. If a security incident still surfaces, at least you’ll know in good conscience that you’ve done what needed to be done in order to minimize its impact.

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July 21, 2017 | Mobile Access and Device Management
By Ken Van Wyk, IANS Faculty

 Van Wyk: Security Track Record for iPhone Not an Accident

It’s not just luck. Apple has managed to keep the iPhone (and its iOS brethren) safe from any major malware outbreak for 10 years. Building a multi-faceted security architecture that substantially raises the cost of successful attacks can be extremely effective. 

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May 26, 2017 | Mobile Client Devices
By Aaron Turner, IANS Faculty

 Cellular Vulnerabilities: How to Fix These Hidden Risks

When it comes to the risks posed by cellular networks, enterprise security professionals don't know what they don't know. In this report, IANS Faculty Aaron Turner details the most pressing vulnerabilities and threats associated with cellular networks and offers some strategic steps security teams can take to help mitigate these threats and limit risk exposure. 

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