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August 8, 2017 | Embedded Systems and Internet of Things
By Chris Poulin, IANS Faculty

 Poulin: What I Hacked this Summer in Vegas

Another July has come and gone, leaving the security community with a collective information hangover from Black Hat, DEF CON and BSidesLV. Hardware exploitation, IoT, machine-learning and blockchain emerged as some of the major themes from the conferences this year. 

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August 7, 2017 | Certifications and Training
By Kevin Beaver, IANS Faculty

 Beaver: Establishing Credibility Key to Infosec Success

One thing I've discovered over the years is that security has a credibility problem. It's nothing personal. It's just that other people aren't buying what we're selling until they’re convinced we are worth listening to. So, the question becomes: what are you doing to make sure that happens?

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April 20, 2017 | Security Policies and Strategy
By Kevin Beaver, IANS Faculty

 Beaver: Policies Don't Get Hacked, So Why Do They Get All the Attention?

What's the first thing everyone seems to talk about when information security is brought up? Policies. But as security professionals, we need to stop relying on words and let our actions do the talking. Technical controls have to be in place in order for policies to be enforced in most situations, and where that’s not possible or feasible, do something else – whatever it takes.

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January 19, 2017 | Security Policies and Strategy
By Daniel Maloof, IANS Managing Editor

 IANS at RSA 2017: The CISO as a Change Agent

CISOs are constantly hearing all kinds of advice, counsel and silver bullets that are designed to help make their challenging position work more effectively. But where are these recommendations coming from? What if there was a way to distill the achievements of hundreds of successful CISOs down to a few, critically important techniques?

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