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June 22, 2017 | Metrics and Reporting
By Rich Guida, IANS Faculty

 Choose Your Risk Metrics Wisely

We all know we need to measure information security risk appropriately, but what are the best methodologies and metrics to use? In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Rich Guida explains how to use a risk register to identify critical metrics, and offers tips for gathering relevant data and handling reporting.

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June 19, 2017 | Privacy
By Rebecca Herold, IANS Faculty

 Building a Framework for Data Privacy and Protection in the Cloud

With more and more security incidents originating in the cloud, new data privacy and protection regulations are emerging. Cloud services must establish and maintain effective privacy and compliance programs, while organizations that leverage cloud services need to establish sound frameworks for mitigating risks in their own right. In this webinar, IANS Faculty Rebecca Herold reviews the most common risks cloud services must address and details specific steps organizations can take to prevent breaches and the corresponding penalties.   

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June 8, 2017 | Enterprise and IT Compliance Management
By Michael Pinch, IANS Faculty

 5 Tips for Migrating to a New Security Framework

Changing an organization's security program alignment is never an easy task. In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Mike Pinch offers five key steps to take when migrating to a new security program, with specific guidance for switching to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. 

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May 30, 2017 | Malware and Advanced Threats
By Michael Pinch, IANS Faculty

 Top 5 Infosec Risks in Health Care and What to Do About Them

The top priorities for health care organizations today are uptime and free access to data, which means companies in this space face a number of security challenges. In this Expert Briefing, IANS Faculty Mike Pinch details the major security risks the health care industry is dealing with today - from ransomware to the Internet of Things - and offers strategies for tackling these challenges.

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May 4, 2017 | Enterprise and IT Compliance Management
By Josh More, IANS Faculty

 Allocating the Right Resources for SOX Compliance

The optimal head count and cost structure for a Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance program varies widely depending on industry vertical, organization complexity, maturity and more. In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Josh More details typical program requirements and offers recommendations for ensuring appropriate resources get allocated.

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