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COVID-19 and InfoSec: What You Need to Know

The ramifications of the novel coronavirus  COVID-19  are being felt throughout the business and information security communities. Here we offer a compilation of the latest IANS research to help you stay ahead of this fast-evolving situation and keep your staff and businesses safe and productive.

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Tools & Templates

Ransomware Preparation and Response Checklist (Updated)

Like other network events and security incidents, ransomware infections should be integrated into your overall business continuity efforts and incident response plan. This checklist steps you through the process. 

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Ask-An-Expert Writeups

Create a Workable Security Services Catalog

Creating a workable catalog requires strong communication with business units to ensure security services contained in the catalog match up directly with user needs, now and over time. This report offers step-by-step guidance for how to build one.

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Ask-An-Expert Writeups

TSAs: What to Include and What to Watch Out for

In this report, we detail what should be included in a workable transitional service agreement (TSA) and offer tips for avoiding some common pitfalls.

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Content Aggregator

IANS Cybersecurity Icon Library (Updated Q2 2020)

A collection of cybersecurity themed icons ready to use in your slideshows. The icons in this library were developed by IANS Research for use in Content Aggregator slides and other documents. As a subscriber to the Content Aggregator, you have access to use these icons in your security documents and presentations.

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Faculty Reports

Create a Simple Fuzzer for REST APIs

In this report, we explain what fuzzing is, how it works and how to build your own simple fuzzer to perform quick, automated, comprehensive penetration tests of web APIs.

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Content Aggregator

29% of Organizations Have or Are Implementing Zero Trust

Nearly 29% of organizations have a zero-trust model already in place or projects underway, while 43% are in some sort of planning stage. Nearly a third have no plans or are not familiar with zero trust.

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Tools & Templates

Vulnerability Management Process Workflow (Updated)

In most organizations, vulnerability management is as difficult as it is critical. This tool is designed to clarify the process by providing a basic vulnerability management workflow, including all steps and participants. (Updated May 2020)

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Webinar Replays

Fed, State and City Data Privacy Laws: Common Requirements

Security teams struggle to keep up with a patchwork of federal, state and city privacy laws. What are the commonalities between them all and where should teams focus most of their energy? In this webinar, George Gerchow explores the trajectory of state and federal legislation, the best sources for keeping track, and how to recognize the different industry implications from one law to the next.

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Content Aggregator

40% of Companies Expect IAM Budgets to Increase

Forty percent of organizations expect an increase in their identity/access management-related budgets over the 18-month period between Jan. 2020 and June 2021. Only 15% believe these budgets will see a decline.

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