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COVID-19 and InfoSec: What You Need to Know

The ramifications of the novel coronavirus  COVID-19  are being felt throughout the business and information security communities. Here we offer a compilation of the latest IANS research to help you stay ahead of this fast-evolving situation and keep your staff and businesses safe and productive.

Ask-An-Expert Writeups icon
Ask-An-Expert Writeups

Create a Temporary SOC 2 Alternative

This report outlines the process of building an interim compensating controls document (CCD) that can be used with customers until a full SOC 2 process is complete. 

Faculty Reports icon
Faculty Reports

Improve Detection and Prevention of DOM XSS

DOM XSS is a variation of cross-site scripting (XSS) that has been a particularly challenging flaw to discover and stop in web applications – until now. This report explains what DOM XSS attacks are and explores some mechanisms and tools to find and test for DOM XSS security flaws more effectively.

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Tools & Templates

Information Security Job Description Templates (Updated)

With the information security workforce shortage projected to reach 2-3 million over the next few years, organizations are putting a greater emphasis on their recruiting process to better fill out their security teams. Use these sample infosec job descriptions to set the foundation for role expectations and attract the most highly qualified professionals to your organization. 

Tools & Templates icon
Tools & Templates

Zero Trust Use Case Guide

This guide details some common zero trust architecture (ZTA) use cases across people, applications and equipment, as well as the challenges associated with each. 

Ask-An-Expert Writeups icon
Ask-An-Expert Writeups

Manage Cross-Departmental Projects Successfully

This report details some best practices for smoothing the implementation of cross-departmental security projects, including taking a business-first approach.

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Tools & Templates

Cloud Terminology Cheat Sheet (Updated)

This cheat sheet provides a comparison of the key services and cloud terms between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  

Ask-An-Expert Writeups icon
Ask-An-Expert Writeups

Azure Sentinel: A Primer

While Sentinel is fine for current Microsoft Windows and Azure shops, it’s still immature and its Microsoft-centric focus makes it less suitable for organizations with multi-cloud and hybrid architectures. This report details Sentinel’s main feature sets and explains how best to deploy them to monitor for threats and secure your workloads.

Content Aggregator icon
Content Aggregator

Infographic: Working from Home Securely

Millions of global employees continue to work from home during the pandemic. This infographic offers examples of the security risks these employees face and guidance on how to protect themselves.

Ask-An-Expert Writeups icon
Ask-An-Expert Writeups

Public Cloud BC/DR: Understand the Issues

This report steps you through the main issues to consider when creating a public cloud BC/DR plan.

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