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Washington, DC Virtual Symposium – IAM and File Security: Advanced Tools and Techniques

July 23, 2020 | Webinar Replays | Authentication | By Jake Williams, IANS Faculty

Many users still have advanced file access permissions when they shouldn’t. Several tools and techniques can help tighten up access, but you need to know about them first.


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Top Reasons for Shifting to a Zero-Trust Model

What motivates organizations to initiate or build out a Zero Trust program? Data security tops the list with 85 percent, followed by breach prevention (70%) and reduction of threats to endpoints (56%). Beyond industry, regulatory and internal compliance, nearly a third are seeking to address hybrid IT security issues.

29% of Organizations Have or Are Implementing Zero Trust

Nearly 29% of organizations have a zero-trust model already in place or projects underway, while 43% are in some sort of planning stage. Nearly a third have no plans or are not familiar with zero trust.

40% of Companies Expect IAM Budgets to Increase

Forty percent of organizations expect an increase in their identity/access management-related budgets over the 18-month period between Jan. 2020 and June 2021. Only 15% believe these budgets will see a decline.