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Overview of the Three Biggest Data Breaches from 2016-2019

January 10, 2020 | Content Aggregator - Single Slide | Data Breaches

When looking at the three biggest data breaches of the last three years – Marriott 2018, Equifax 2017 and Yahoo! 2016 – an average of 257 million individuals were affected, costing an average of $347 million in legal fees, penalties and remediation costs. Stock prices dropped an average of 7.5 percent following public disclosure of each breach, resulting in an average $5.4 billion market cap loss.


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Data Breaches: Cost Per Lost Record, By Industry

Health care organizations face the highest cost-per record when suffering a data breach ($429 per lost record). Finance, tech, pharmaceutical, services and energy are next on the list.

Average Cost of a Single 2019 Data Breach, by Industry

Health care has the highest average total cost of a data breach at $6.45 million. The average cost for financial firms has reached $5.86 million, and companies in the energy sector pay an average $5.6 million to remediate a data breach. Along with pharma, these industry averages are significantly higher than those for less regulated industries.