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Third-Party API Evaluation Checklist

January 23, 2019 | Tools & Templates | Application Development and Testing

When assessing the security of a third-party API, it is important to analyze its surface area, content, functionality and associated technologies. This tool details some common issues to check for and address. 


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This questionnaire is used during the due diligence phase of the third-party risk management process. It is developed based on the security and financial risks identified and quantified in the initial risk assessment, completed by vendors and then numerically scored by the third-party risk assessment team. 

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Many U.S. assumptions must be adjusted when assessing third parties overseas in areas like the EU, China, Russia or India. In this Ask-an-Expert written response, IANS Faculty Josh More explains the differences in terms of culture and expectations, and provides key questions to help assess overseas vendors appropriately. 

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Subcontractor Breaches: Overview of Records Exposed by Industry

Third-party/subcontractor breaches released four times the number of exposed records compared to 2017 -- 4.8 million vs. 935,000. Medical subcontractors exposed the most records (2.8 million) in 2018 and saw the biggest jump.