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59% of Organizations Say Artificial Intelligence Reduces Application Security Risk

November 28, 2018 | Content Aggregator - Single Slide | Security Analytics and Visualization

Fifty-nine percent of IT and security professionals say that artificial intelligence (AI) increases the effectiveness of organizations’ application security. Only 12 percent said AI decreases the effectiveness of their application security.


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Artificial Intelligence: Top 3 Benefits to Security Posture

About two-thirds of organizations (69%) that are deploying artificial intelligence in cybersecurity report that it increases the speed of analyzing threats. AI also accelerates the containment of infected endpoints (64%), and identifies application security vulnerabilities (60%).

Artificial Intelligence: Who Decides How It Is Deployed?

While a variety of roles and function may influence how AI is used, the chief information officer and chief information security officer are most likely to influence how AI is applied in their organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

This collection of slides includes third-party data on artificial intelligence and its use within information security. 

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