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CISO Priorities Checklist

October 29, 2018 | Tools & Templates | Team Structure and Management

This checklist is designed to help CISOs prioritize their focus in the first 30 days, six months and year of their tenure to ensure they get off to a fast, successful start.


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Security Program Maturity Assessment – RFP Template

This template is designed to be used to evaluate vendors performing a security program maturity assessment. 

CISO/CSO Briefs Board on Cybersecurity at 73% of Companies

73% of organizations say either the CISO or CSO has primary responsibility for briefing board members on cybersecurity, while the CIO is responsible 27% of the time.

Most Boards Spend Only 1-5% of Meetings on Cybersecurity

Full boards spend relatively little time on cybersecurity. More than half of boards spend only 1-5% of their meetings on cybersecurity, while just 7% of boards spend more than 10% of their meetings discussing security.

Most Infosec/Board Partnerships Are in Early Stages

When it comes to partnerships between cybersecurity and the board, 64 percent of CISOs say they are in early stages, where the board is largely listening and learning from briefings, or maturing partnerships.