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Insider Threats: Understand the Risks

October 1, 2018 | Content Aggregator - Narrative | Insider Threats

Insider threats are among the most common causes of data breaches, and there are a number of steps organizations can take to proactively defend against them.


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Insiders Responsible for 25% of Cyber Attacks

The insider threat remains a challenge for organizations. Overall, 25 percent of cyber attacks originate with insiders as opposed to external actors.

Financial Services: Insiders Responsible for 16% of Cyber Attacks

For financial services firms, the insider threat remains a challenge, as 16 percent of cyber attacks are carried out by insiders. Still, that number is below the overall average of 25 percent.

66% of CISOs Handle Insider Attacks Without Legal Action

When CISOs discovered insider security events committed against their organization, 66 percent were handled internally without legal action, and 14 percent were handled internally and included legal action. Another 20 percent were handled externally, with 12 percent requiring notifying law enforcement and 8 percent resulted in filing a civil action.

Insider Threats

This collection of slides includes data on insider threats, how prevalent they are and what organizations are doing to combat them. 

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