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Presenting to the Board: Four Tips for CISOs

October 10, 2018 | Content Aggregator - Single Slide | Board Communication

When speaking with the board, CISOs should describe cybersecurity in broader risk management terms, tell a story, leverage visually appealing charts and graphs to show measurements and metrics, and avoid trying to completely own cyber risk themselves. Instead, get the board on your side and let directors do some of the thinking to help set strategy.


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Overview of Board’s Most Discussed Cybersecurity Topics

Maximum airtime in the boardroom is given to external threat trends (62%), incidents and losses (54%), and risk appetite/exposure (53%), with minimal discussion of operational minutiae and compliance.

How CISOs Express Cyber Risk to the Board of Directors

CISOs use a variety of methods to express exposure to the board of directors, including using a narrative or story (36%), a categorical or ordinal scale, such as low or high (47%) and as a numerical score or rating, such as 90 out of 100 (22%).

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