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2017-2018 IT and Security Executive Salary Change (Low End of Range)

July 23, 2018 | Content Aggregator - Single Slide | Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

The low-end range of CISO salaries in 2018 is approximately $163,000, up more than 12 percent from 2017 when a low-range CISO salary was $145,000. Low-range salaries for CIOs and CTOs, in comparison, dropped 10 percent year to year.


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Why Cybersecurity Professionals Leave Their Current Roles

The biggest factor causing cybersecurity professionals to leave their current jobs is a better salary or bonus, according to 82 percent of cybersecurity professionals. Other leading factors include a promotion and development opportunities (57%), a better work culture or environment (46%) and flexible work policies (37%).

Security Architect the Highest Paying Cybersecurity Job in 2019

The average total salary for security architects in the U.S. reached $133,000 in 2019. Information security engineers earn $97,000 on average, while network security analysts earn $71,000 and risk management analysts earn $66,000 on average nationally.

Overview of 2019 Cybersecurity Salaries by Experience

The median pay for a security architect during the first five years of a professional career is $94,000, nationally, while those with 10+ years experience earn about $137,000. Security consultants earn an average of $74,000 in their first five years, but that can jump to $124,000 after 10 years on the job.

Cybersecurity Salaries: Chief Information Security Officer

CISOs in the U.S. earn a median salary of $190,000. That number is higher in cities such as San Francisco ($223,000) and New York ($220,000), but lower in Washington DC ($173,000), Boston ($182,000) and Philadelphia ($181,000).