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2017-2018 IT and Security Executive Salary Change (High End of Range)

July 23, 2018 | Content Aggregator - Single Slide | Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

Salaries for IT and security executives can vary greatly depending on level of experience and geographic location. Mondo found that the high range for CISOs in 2018 is expected to be $275,000, up 10 percent from 2017 when the high-end salary was approximately $250,000 per year.


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Why Cybersecurity Professionals Leave Their Current Roles

The biggest factor causing cybersecurity professionals to leave their current jobs is a better salary or bonus, according to 82 percent of cybersecurity professionals. Other leading factors include a promotion and development opportunities (57%), a better work culture or environment (46%) and flexible work policies (37%).

Security Architect the Highest Paying Cybersecurity Job in 2019

The average total salary for security architects in the U.S. reached $133,000 in 2019. Information security engineers earn $97,000 on average, while network security analysts earn $71,000 and risk management analysts earn $66,000 on average nationally.

Overview of 2019 Cybersecurity Salaries by Experience

The median pay for a security architect during the first five years of a professional career is $94,000, nationally, while those with 10+ years experience earn about $137,000. Security consultants earn an average of $74,000 in their first five years, but that can jump to $124,000 after 10 years on the job.

Cybersecurity Salaries: Chief Information Security Officer

CISOs in the U.S. earn a median salary of $190,000. That number is higher in cities such as San Francisco ($223,000) and New York ($220,000), but lower in Washington DC ($173,000), Boston ($182,000) and Philadelphia ($181,000).